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final fantasy x getting ported to psvita and ps3

i love ffx and i love this announcement but i would've really liked a remake/remaster/whatever of psone era ff games. but who the fuck am i kidding, square enix is a bunch of lazy buttheads. :effort:

in other news, i'm running on 4 hours of sleep, mawaru penguindrum won't get out of my head (sanetoshi is so fucking fab), my neighbors won't stop being obnoxiously loud at ungodly hours and i feel worn out from classes (it's only week 3).
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In the end, I never did get to what I set out to do this summer b/c of work. lul

Technically, it is the first day of classes but I have no Friday class but rather, a Saturday one, so my first day of class shall be tomorrow. Although, what with Hurricane Irene... it has a possibility of being delayed. I'm not feeling optimistic though, so it'll just be business as usual.

I'll make a proper post at some point since this is more of a pop-in... I've been on twitter and started sort of using tumblr? neglecting LJ altogether is anyone still around but yeah. Hope you've all had a nice and relaxing summer. :)
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hi guys i haven't forgotten about you or lj (wow how long as it been since i made a post?). i just don't have much to post about. or i just don't feel like posting. well. it's a mix of both. 8(

what i would put here i have posted on twitter and i'm not fond of using that auto tweet thing for lj either because all i do is spam it with stupid shit and random fanart or something. surely no one wants to see that on their f-lists. lol

anyway, an update!

in brief about my semester: aside from one class, everything was sugars, rainbows and unicorns and i'm glad it's over. i'm just exhausted from that one class....

in brief about this season's anime:
• hanasaku iroha has me in its grasp.
• ano hana had me but then i started feeling fed up with menma. idk.
• i haven't started tiger & bunny yet? uhh...
• blue exorcist is cool but what the hell. fillers. :(
• watching suite precure for ami koshimizu and fumiko orikasa. i shouldn't but i am. lol
• c is fascinating but the 3d character models... i mean, i'm willing to overlook the QUALITY but uh, yeah. also, mysu is adorable.
• somehow i ended up watching yondemasuyo, azazel-san... idk what to say about it really hahaha.
• the world only god knows. i haven't been keeping up with the anime but omg. haqua. (●´д`●)
• i'm behind on denpa onna to seishun otoko oops. i like it though.

am i missing anything worth checking? tell me if you think i am. :U

in brief about games: MY BACKLOG IS SO... ugh (that's not even everything) and there are more wonderful games coming out this year (dark souls, asscreed revelations, persona 2, team ico collection). will i have enough time before the next wave?!! lol never

in brief about life: i'll be working (seriously where is all my time going) and i've taken an interest in watching documentaries IDK. it just sort of happened. and books. i'm trying to read more books. additionally, i'm having issues with my lower back. siiigh.... :T

well, enough about me, f-list. how's it shakin'? (●‘ω‘●)
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HI LJ I DIDN'T FORGET ABOUT YOU... no really I didn't. :(((

So! Aside from dealing with asshole car drivers, exploding soda bottles and computer malfunctions, I'd say my start to 2011 has been spiffy. No, really, it has because my friends make everything better. ♥!

Not much going on though because I've just been a sort of hermit since the semester ended. Being SNOWED IN obviously did not help encourage me to gtfo of the house. It's going to be snowing tonight as well so I'm just sdkljfhklgj W/E MOTHER NATURE. :T

Art dump because clearly I don't post enough. orz There's a lot because I've been... not as lazy as I usually would be. lol

starry sky, final fantasy and other stuff. )

Aaand that's it. I'll save fandom talk for another post 'cause this is getting kind of long?? Um, yeah. Anyway, hope you guys have been enjoying 2011 so far.
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It's past 12AM here on the east coast so HERE'S TO A NEW YEAR WITH MANY GREAT THINGS TO COME. Let's not pay any attention to my horrible TV.


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or HAPPY HOLIDAYS if you don't celebrate Christmas!

I'm going to be home watching movies, drawing, gaming and being a fatty today. WHAT A SPECIAL CHRISTMAS, I know!!

I hope y'all have a better than fine day today. ❤
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Oh my gosh, you guys.


The semester is FINALLY OVER (for me, at least)!!

Please excuse me as I enter a week-long coma.
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hi guys. it's halloween so, uh.

HAPPY HALLOWEEN. i carved a pumpkin for the first time about a week ago and i kind of hate it. LMAO

(from miwa shirow's dogs)

my days have been either spent in high spirits or down in the dumps; there is no middle ground, it seems. but this is dull news, even i don't want to talk about my time away lj. LOL then again, it's quite apparent on my... twitter. but anywaaayyy.

i recently finished watching spartacus: blood and sand and. i cannot believe that i didn't see it sooner. i thought 300, yes, but it's not quite the same. additionally, it's a tv series. where was i going with this again... oh, right. the awesome.

i won't say it's for everyone seeing the copious amounts of bloody violence and sex bitches and whores but check it out if you're ever bored... i watched it during one of my procrastination sessions and for some inexplicable reason found it enjoyable despite the previously mentioned. lol (in truth i can be easily squicked by intense violence...... how profound!) then again, this was kind of spurred by my brother...

there is no season 2 (but there is a prequel) because the main actor is going under cancer treatment. be well, andy whitfield. :(

i still need to eat breakfast. toodles, f-list! have a happy halloween pillaging houses of candy or partying or... something eventful.
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Hello, LJ. No, I didn't forget about you... just been busy. :'(

✖ The semester's been rather uh, taxing (mentally).... There's been various projects and whatever to go through on top of a research paper I need to get started on. However, I've been procrastinating so I suppose I'm getting what's coming to me. orz I'M WORKING ON IT.....

✖ The anime season doesn't look so bad! I haven't gotten around to watching The World God Only Knows and that... Panty and Stocking one yet but I've seen Star Driver, Bakuman, Index 2, Arakawa x 2 and Iron Man (HUH?).
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All in all, pretty decent season, I'd say. :')

✖ Well, I'm not just following anime... new seasons of House, Bones and Glee. I still have Spartacus sitting on my hard drive that I need to get around to watching... and Mad Men.... ha. I'd pick up other shows but UHHH too much shit to watch as it is. I can't wait until Christmas, you have no idea.

✖ Found this gem during the week classes began (slowpoke.tiff).... No wonder I've been so distracted. I didn't realize Kawata Shoujo ran off of this. lol! Needless to say, I've been toying around with the idea of making something with this.

That was rather short... but yes. Not much excitement. Maybe I should've accepted my friend's invitation to NYCC to blow off steam. ffff

How've ya guys been?
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Hi guys, I am terrible at updating... but uh, yes.

It's been a week since classes began and I've done stupid things already. But!! I will not falter....

My classes consist of ceramics, printmaking, modern art history and graphic design. I honestly could not remember why I signed up for ceramics but that doesn't matter now, I found the introduction session quite interesting! I don't know about when I get to start making stuff though.... Graphic design has made me realize how clueless I am about everything Adobe lol. The more you know. Modern art... I did something incredibly stupid the first day. I walked into my classroom and it looked like a class was in session so I slowly backed out of the room, into the hallway. I was pretty much half asleep that morning so I was questioning my memory about if this was the right room. So instead of doing the logical thing of ASKING SOMEONE in there if it was the right one, I walked across campus to access a computer to look at my schedule. NICE GOING, ANGE.... B|

Printmaking, we started working on woodcuts. Honestly, I was panicking in the first class while my prof was explaining everything and I'm thinking to myself that everything sounds so confusing but that passed... very quickly, much to my surprise. Now I find the class quite interesting since we're basically making prints the ol' fashioned way and it wasn't as hard as it seemed in my head.

On the gaming front! Valkyria Chronicles 2 came out a few days ago. I started playing it and Sega really brushed up the gameplay. There are so many new things put in in addition to the awesome that was the first game. I still think it's still they tacked a 2 onto this game's title though... feels more like a spinoff. okok I just miss Squad 7.... Ah, well, I'm just in March in the game so maybe it will feel more like a sequel as I play along.

Got some readings to take care of so I'll be off! Stay chill, f-list.


Aug. 13th, 2010 03:01 pm
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the new semester draws closer and i weep inside... well, REGARDLESS.

i was walking around yesterday and visited kinokuniya b/c i was in the neighborhood and saw these beautiful books (super/street fighter 4 official artworks and kazuaki artworks). i couldn't resist the devil on my shoulder telling me BUY IT BUY IT.

i love japan's print quality so much. i wish we adopt their methods. ;w;

pictures of pretty art and pop tarts world?? somewhat image heavy )

that aside, i've been watching csi: miami (it just kind of happened), catching up on some other shows and playing blazblue (i suck at using a stick). I'M SO PRODUCTIVE, i know.


Jul. 29th, 2010 02:45 am
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happy birthday, [livejournal.com profile] darth! i hope you have a wonderful day. :)

these past two days, i've been playing starcraft 2 late into the night (i always seem to lose track of time while playing). it's pushing my computer to limits it shouldn't reach. lmao ugh it's only been 3 years since i got this thing too... well, anyway.

zeratul is still as badass as ever! this game is so pretty omg. now to wait for the next two campaigns..... :|

ahh, well, i need to get some sleep. good night.
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Oh god, it is so hot I am sweating bullets. The heat index reached 110 degrees today.

So the FiOS guy came in today and set up everything. He was pretty cool--telling us how Optimum rips people off lmao. But that is irrelevant. Now I'm getting much better speeds than before! Previously, I got like 3MB/s yet my uploads would be like... 6. Unless you can't help it, I hope none of you guys have/get Optimum Online. They suck balls, for real.

Also, doodle of Mugen because I finally saw the awesome that is Samurai Champloo.

Off to watch some Penn & Teller.


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