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2010-09-15 09:24 am

it's that time of the year again

Tokyo Game Show 2010 baby unf.

TGS 2010 is looking fiiiiine.
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2010-09-02 09:58 pm

trying to make it all right

Hi guys, I am terrible at updating... but uh, yes.

It's been a week since classes began and I've done stupid things already. But!! I will not falter....

My classes consist of ceramics, printmaking, modern art history and graphic design. I honestly could not remember why I signed up for ceramics but that doesn't matter now, I found the introduction session quite interesting! I don't know about when I get to start making stuff though.... Graphic design has made me realize how clueless I am about everything Adobe lol. The more you know. Modern art... I did something incredibly stupid the first day. I walked into my classroom and it looked like a class was in session so I slowly backed out of the room, into the hallway. I was pretty much half asleep that morning so I was questioning my memory about if this was the right room. So instead of doing the logical thing of ASKING SOMEONE in there if it was the right one, I walked across campus to access a computer to look at my schedule. NICE GOING, ANGE.... B|

Printmaking, we started working on woodcuts. Honestly, I was panicking in the first class while my prof was explaining everything and I'm thinking to myself that everything sounds so confusing but that passed... very quickly, much to my surprise. Now I find the class quite interesting since we're basically making prints the ol' fashioned way and it wasn't as hard as it seemed in my head.

On the gaming front! Valkyria Chronicles 2 came out a few days ago. I started playing it and Sega really brushed up the gameplay. There are so many new things put in in addition to the awesome that was the first game. I still think it's still they tacked a 2 onto this game's title though... feels more like a spinoff. okok I just miss Squad 7.... Ah, well, I'm just in March in the game so maybe it will feel more like a sequel as I play along.

Got some readings to take care of so I'll be off! Stay chill, f-list.