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HI LJ I DIDN'T FORGET ABOUT YOU... no really I didn't. :(((

So! Aside from dealing with asshole car drivers, exploding soda bottles and computer malfunctions, I'd say my start to 2011 has been spiffy. No, really, it has because my friends make everything better. ♥!

Not much going on though because I've just been a sort of hermit since the semester ended. Being SNOWED IN obviously did not help encourage me to gtfo of the house. It's going to be snowing tonight as well so I'm just sdkljfhklgj W/E MOTHER NATURE. :T

Art dump because clearly I don't post enough. orz There's a lot because I've been... not as lazy as I usually would be. lol

starry sky, final fantasy and other stuff. )

Aaand that's it. I'll save fandom talk for another post 'cause this is getting kind of long?? Um, yeah. Anyway, hope you guys have been enjoying 2011 so far.
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So, welcome to my journal, new friends from the friending meme! I... don't have a contact post or anything yet because I am clearly procrastinating please forgive me.... I will get around to it eventually!!

And happy birthday, [livejournal.com profile] astrialite! Hope you have an awesome day. :)

I finally finished P3P the other day and was all :(. I've beaten this game before but I skipped a lot of social links the first time around so. Now that I actually did everything, I have to say, I baww'd when I talked to Akinari's mom. ;;

And Theo. He is so adorkable how can I not love him?? That last date especially.

Aaaand art dump because I had to get that mellow feeling after beating the game to go away. Spoilers!

Also, Dullalala and Escaflowne. )

Saturday's the day I switch from Optimum Online's crappy service to FiOS. I hope their ads are believable. And I might need to buy a new wirelsss card and router bah.


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