Jul. 29th, 2010 02:45 am
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happy birthday, [ profile] darth! i hope you have a wonderful day. :)

these past two days, i've been playing starcraft 2 late into the night (i always seem to lose track of time while playing). it's pushing my computer to limits it shouldn't reach. lmao ugh it's only been 3 years since i got this thing too... well, anyway.

zeratul is still as badass as ever! this game is so pretty omg. now to wait for the next two campaigns..... :|

ahh, well, i need to get some sleep. good night.
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taken from [ profile] bhujerba.

Go to Google and type in "You know you are from (your city/state/region/whatever) when" and then hit "I'm feeling lucky." Bold what you agree with.

hailing from brooklyn )

since it rained last night, it feels kind of breezy inside so i feel like just going back to bed....
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Oh god, it is so hot I am sweating bullets. The heat index reached 110 degrees today.

So the FiOS guy came in today and set up everything. He was pretty cool--telling us how Optimum rips people off lmao. But that is irrelevant. Now I'm getting much better speeds than before! Previously, I got like 3MB/s yet my uploads would be like... 6. Unless you can't help it, I hope none of you guys have/get Optimum Online. They suck balls, for real.

Also, doodle of Mugen because I finally saw the awesome that is Samurai Champloo.

Off to watch some Penn & Teller.
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So, welcome to my journal, new friends from the friending meme! I... don't have a contact post or anything yet because I am clearly procrastinating please forgive me.... I will get around to it eventually!!

And happy birthday, [ profile] astrialite! Hope you have an awesome day. :)

I finally finished P3P the other day and was all :(. I've beaten this game before but I skipped a lot of social links the first time around so. Now that I actually did everything, I have to say, I baww'd when I talked to Akinari's mom. ;;

And Theo. He is so adorkable how can I not love him?? That last date especially.

Aaaand art dump because I had to get that mellow feeling after beating the game to go away. Spoilers!

Also, Dullalala and Escaflowne. )

Saturday's the day I switch from Optimum Online's crappy service to FiOS. I hope their ads are believable. And I might need to buy a new wirelsss card and router bah.


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