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hi guys i haven't forgotten about you or lj (wow how long as it been since i made a post?). i just don't have much to post about. or i just don't feel like posting. well. it's a mix of both. 8(

what i would put here i have posted on twitter and i'm not fond of using that auto tweet thing for lj either because all i do is spam it with stupid shit and random fanart or something. surely no one wants to see that on their f-lists. lol

anyway, an update!

in brief about my semester: aside from one class, everything was sugars, rainbows and unicorns and i'm glad it's over. i'm just exhausted from that one class....

in brief about this season's anime:
• hanasaku iroha has me in its grasp.
• ano hana had me but then i started feeling fed up with menma. idk.
• i haven't started tiger & bunny yet? uhh...
• blue exorcist is cool but what the hell. fillers. :(
• watching suite precure for ami koshimizu and fumiko orikasa. i shouldn't but i am. lol
• c is fascinating but the 3d character models... i mean, i'm willing to overlook the QUALITY but uh, yeah. also, mysu is adorable.
• somehow i ended up watching yondemasuyo, azazel-san... idk what to say about it really hahaha.
• the world only god knows. i haven't been keeping up with the anime but omg. haqua. (●´д`●)
• i'm behind on denpa onna to seishun otoko oops. i like it though.

am i missing anything worth checking? tell me if you think i am. :U

in brief about games: MY BACKLOG IS SO... ugh (that's not even everything) and there are more wonderful games coming out this year (dark souls, asscreed revelations, persona 2, team ico collection). will i have enough time before the next wave?!! lol never

in brief about life: i'll be working (seriously where is all my time going) and i've taken an interest in watching documentaries IDK. it just sort of happened. and books. i'm trying to read more books. additionally, i'm having issues with my lower back. siiigh.... :T

well, enough about me, f-list. how's it shakin'? (●‘ω‘●)

Date: 2011-06-08 03:30 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] fujiappletan.livejournal.com
i watched the first episode of hanasaku iroha and felt kinda... idk not what i was expecting but everyone says it is pretty good so imma continue watching

really love anohana but every time menma gets a bit on my nerves (DO SOMETHING WOMAN) i swear the producers know some ppl be like that they have her face light up or tilt in this way that imma like omg fuck everything i love her why are you so pretty idc XD

everyone is going c-c-c-crazy over tiger and bunny and i feel a bit mean to think it looks.................. stupid

lol i too cannot get onto the auto-tweet thing for that reason that and i am an icon whore i want to CHOOSE AND SELECT AND DIFFERENT SPECIAL SNOWFLAKE all the time yeah that made no sense imma stfu now

Date: 2011-06-08 03:50 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] jests.livejournal.com
lol i wasn't sold the on first episode either but i gave it a few more and then i said to myself, "this is my feel good anime of the season!" idk i love stories that revolve around characters and their development.

aaah yessss i think she's pretty but then i'm like agh her voice it bothers me and she's not doing anything why isn't she doing anything IDK IDK. i don't hate it by any means though. i like everyone. it's just. menma, giiirl.....

i just keep getting the episodes every week and let it pile up and forget. eventually. i'll watch it eventually. just to see what all the hullabaloo is about.

you just reminded me. i need to get new icons.


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