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hi guys. it's halloween so, uh.

HAPPY HALLOWEEN. i carved a pumpkin for the first time about a week ago and i kind of hate it. LMAO

(from miwa shirow's dogs)

my days have been either spent in high spirits or down in the dumps; there is no middle ground, it seems. but this is dull news, even i don't want to talk about my time away lj. LOL then again, it's quite apparent on my... twitter. but anywaaayyy.

i recently finished watching spartacus: blood and sand and. i cannot believe that i didn't see it sooner. i thought 300, yes, but it's not quite the same. additionally, it's a tv series. where was i going with this again... oh, right. the awesome.

i won't say it's for everyone seeing the copious amounts of bloody violence and sex bitches and whores but check it out if you're ever bored... i watched it during one of my procrastination sessions and for some inexplicable reason found it enjoyable despite the previously mentioned. lol (in truth i can be easily squicked by intense violence...... how profound!) then again, this was kind of spurred by my brother...

there is no season 2 (but there is a prequel) because the main actor is going under cancer treatment. be well, andy whitfield. :(

i still need to eat breakfast. toodles, f-list! have a happy halloween pillaging houses of candy or partying or... something eventful.
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