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Hello, LJ. No, I didn't forget about you... just been busy. :'(

✖ The semester's been rather uh, taxing (mentally).... There's been various projects and whatever to go through on top of a research paper I need to get started on. However, I've been procrastinating so I suppose I'm getting what's coming to me. orz I'M WORKING ON IT.....

✖ The anime season doesn't look so bad! I haven't gotten around to watching The World God Only Knows and that... Panty and Stocking one yet but I've seen Star Driver, Bakuman, Index 2, Arakawa x 2 and Iron Man (HUH?).

Star Driver: Lots of eye-rolling but when I decided to not take anything seriously, this show became that much more awesome. How much more fabulous can MC be?

Bakuman: Uhhh faithful adaption?? But the animation quality wasn't something I expected. I was hoping for better presentation for their expressions. But I suppose I'll still be watching this until it hits that shitty part of the manga I ignored for about 2 months... lmfao.

Index 2: TOUMA, how I have missed his misfortunes, Misaka being adorable and Index being... Index. durr yes. I am ready for this.

Arakawa x 2: NINO. Need I say more?

Iron Man: The animation is LEIK WHOA. I watched the first episode out of curiosity... idk. I love Stan Lee an' all but I don't think I'll be watching the rest for the time being. Also, Keiji Fujiwara!!?

All in all, pretty decent season, I'd say. :')

✖ Well, I'm not just following anime... new seasons of House, Bones and Glee. I still have Spartacus sitting on my hard drive that I need to get around to watching... and Mad Men.... ha. I'd pick up other shows but UHHH too much shit to watch as it is. I can't wait until Christmas, you have no idea.

✖ Found this gem during the week classes began (slowpoke.tiff).... No wonder I've been so distracted. I didn't realize Kawata Shoujo ran off of this. lol! Needless to say, I've been toying around with the idea of making something with this.

That was rather short... but yes. Not much excitement. Maybe I should've accepted my friend's invitation to NYCC to blow off steam. ffff

How've ya guys been?


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