Aug. 13th, 2010 03:01 pm
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the new semester draws closer and i weep inside... well, REGARDLESS.

i was walking around yesterday and visited kinokuniya b/c i was in the neighborhood and saw these beautiful books (super/street fighter 4 official artworks and kazuaki artworks). i couldn't resist the devil on my shoulder telling me BUY IT BUY IT.

i love japan's print quality so much. i wish we adopt their methods. ;w;

the pics are kind of shitty because my camera is 5+ years old. :| EXCUSE THE QUARITY and my shaky hands.


they went from the mid-right concept to this?? guess what a korean on the internet thought.

MAKOTO LOOKS LIKE A (HOT) CHICK IN HER CONCEPTS but not in the actual game. capcom, i am disappoint.

i love this pic so much DAIGO IKENO IS AWESOME.

okay now for some rihito goodness. (my photos don't do this book any justice.)

the cover.

from a light novel series, lens and diabolism.

from polyphonica.

from vampire kiss.

from the gloria academy series light novels.

i was browsing the display copy of this and someone was standing next to me. i turn to the page and i'm pretty much O//////O /closes quickly.... lmfao.

takarai fanarts! there's dullalala, vocaloids, persona 3/4 and other series i don't recognize in here but yeah. ANRI LOOKS SO HOT HERE i need to scan this so i can spread the love. she drew most of the people in the cast from what i can tell.

there's starry sky and some other series i didn't take pics of but i'm sure scans will pop up... eventually.

while i was on my way back, i saw a huge sign saying POP TARTS WORLD how could i not walk inside. there were a bunch of people standing outside taking pics and walking in. i followed. i took a few pictures with my phone so the quality is shit.

the lighting in this place made me feel like i was walking into a disco club.

there was a part of the store where they customize t-shirt designs and print them there but i didn't see anyone do it so idk for sure.

that aside, i've been watching csi: miami (it just kind of happened), catching up on some other shows and playing blazblue (i suck at using a stick). I'M SO PRODUCTIVE, i know.


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